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3 ways gamers can take advantage of home automation

Are you one of the thousands of people around Houston who play video games? Building the right home automation system can enhance your gaming experience for the better. Check out these three recommendations for taking enhancing your experience, then give us a call!

1. Immersive Surround Sound & Video All gamers know the importance of good sound in a gaming experience. Bad sound can leave you detached from the game as you play. A surround sound system is a crucial piece to an immersive gaming scene. We can provide suggestions and install the right reciever that can bring crystal clear sound to your experience.

2. Great Lighting Does your gaming environment have the right lighting? With home automation, you can adjust your room lighting to match whatever setting will make you more comfortable. Room too bright? Dim it down with the touch of a button. Maybe you want your lights to change color. No matter what you desire, smart lighting can take your entertainment zone from casual to stimulating.

3. Effortlessly switch between entertainment modes When you’ve finished a session or need to take a break, one-touch can switch entertainment settings from your gaming mode, to your cable system, audio streaming or more. You can also use home automation to effortlessly shut down your systems. No more unplugging and switching over...making your gaming system stress free and user friendly.

Does this sound like the gaming experience you would like to have? If so, give us a call at 281.900.9886 to schedule a FREE consultation on your entertainment needs!

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