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How strong is your home network?

Stop for a moment and think about the number of devices in and around your house that rely on your home network. Ten years ago, this might have amounted to no more than a laptop, a desktop or two, and maybe a DVR. Today, your network is likely congested with tablets, TVs, media streamers, music systems, multiple smartphones—and maybe even a few appliances. And that’s not even considering the fact that the home network forms the foundation for any home automation system or the guests that visit your home and add to that network. This means that the local airwaves in your own home are likely crowded and getting increasingly so. With that many devices, you have to start thinking of your home as a small business compared to the tech of the past.

Think of the zones in your home as individual networks within your home that segment and prioritize the various types of network traffic. You might have one zone dedicated to home automation, one for streaming audio and video, one for voice communications, one for web browsing and email, and another for guests who bring their own devices into your home. These network connected zones can exist in and around your home as their own "island" networks; your laptop won't interfere with your home automation and your tablet won't run slow when your guest is streaming Netflix on their phone. With Houston High Definition, we can prioritize your home system as needed.

Don't accept entertainment systems in your home supported by the wrong network. Work with us to ensure that your wireless and network solutions have enough processing power to support all of your home, regardless of the entertainment you provide.

If you're ready for reliable home network, give us a call at 281.900.9886 to get started with a custom consultation with us!

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