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We work hard to exceed expectations so that we can

confidently call ourselves experts.

You could describe my passion for Audio and Video as a birthright.  As a child growing up, some of my earliest memories are of my father R. Farley crawling underneath our house running speaker wire to our living room and dining room.  I remember spending countless hours listening to record albums on his built in audio system.  The speakers he had were actually built into the wall.  He was way ahead of his time.

I took that passion and purchased my first stereo system at the age of 14.  I quickly tuned my passion into a DJ business with my childhood buddy Stephan.  We had a great time providing music for house parties, proms, dances and other social events.   The fidelity of our music was always as important as what we were playing. 

My love for music influenced my studies in college.  I chose electronics engineering technology as a major to further my knowledge of all things technical and to delve deeper into my desire to be a part of this exciting industry. 

During my college years I quickly took my place as the sound engineer at a local church and began mixing and recording the church services.  The dynamic sounds of the choir and the musicians were a great opportunity to put my technical skills to practical use.  

At church, I met Tom Stone who recognized my talent as a technician. In 1986 he presented me with the opportunity to start an audio video business.  I jumped at the opportunity and we opened Accurate Audio Video.  I will always be grateful for his mentorship  We began to experience phenomenal growth.

We became exclusive dealers for Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Parasound, Niles and many other product lines.  We were also factory authorized service representatives for many of the same brands we sold. 

During this same period we began installing AV equipment in customers’ homes.  We also expanded into doing pre-construction infrastructure wiring in both custom and tract homes.  Somedays, we would wire 5 or 6 houses.  As a result, I know what’s going on behind the walls and in the attic.

Seeing an opportunity to semi retire I transitioned to Houston, a great move I might add.  I have since done hundreds of both commercial and residential installations. I look forward to combining my years or experience and passion with your imagination to provide the best service possible.

-Tim Farley

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